Welcome to winter gardening - January in Ohio is not usually a time to be out in the yard, but there's still plenty to keep your green thumb happy.

Welcome to Winter 2021

Happy New Year from Strader’s Garden Center, and welcome to the stunning beauty of Winter, 2021! We thank you all for your support in 2020 – a rough year for everyone, but we made it through while still enjoying much beauty, creativity and fun. Hopefully this new year brings us all good health, much happiness and maybe some hugs (we miss those).

Ohio Winter | Strader's Garden Center

Take Care of your Christmas Tree

It’s mid-January, and if you haven’t taken your Christmas tree down yet, NOW is the time. If you have a cut tree and don’t want to compost your Christmas tree, consider dropping it off at a farm (ask first of course). We were thrilled to take ours to Harrison Farms in Obetz, Ohio. Apparently goats eat trees! Please only donate natural cut trees with no berries or toxic dyes. Strader’s doesn’t sell trees like that anyway, but just a reminder.

Goats | Strader's Garden Center

Midwest Gardening in January

January is not an ideal time to garden outdoors in Ohio but we can still plan and dream, right? If you haven’t already, now is a great time to create a map of your existing gardens and plants. Have you created a garden map before? It helps remind you of all you dormant bulbs, sleeping perennials and naked shrubs and trees waiting to burst back to life in the spring. It will also give you time to ponder and plan for what you want to plant in the blank spaces.

Peruse some plant catalogs and the internet and get a list together. We will have plant material arriving before you know it! Hopefully you have some winter interest from evergreens, plants with berries or even textured bark. If you truly are starting at nothing, maybe consider adding some evergreens to the list. They look exceptionally pretty with a dusting of snow.

Raised Vegetable Beds | Strader's Garden Center

Speaking of Snow

If we get a bunch of snow, especially all in one storm, remember to go out and gently brush the snowfall off of delicate branches and young plants so they don’t collapse and split under the weight.

Winter is Indoor Plants Season

Just because we can’t garden outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy plants all winter long! Strader’s has an amazing selection of indoor foliage and blooming plants with new shipments arriving weekly from Florida and California. We always try to have the indoor plants you want, but with the incredible popularity of houseplants the last few years, supplies are limited. Growers are growing popular indoor plants as fast as they can but they are also experiencing shortages.

Indoor Winter Houseplants | Strader's Garden Center
Winter is a great time to focus on houseplants from Strader's Garden Center

With that being said, Strader’s has a great selection of indoor plants, foliage, succulents, cacti and air plants. New pottery and terrariums have just arrived as well. The next time you’re out, stop by the Strader’s Garden Center near you and grab a prime pick of the week’s indoor plant shipment. We can’t wait to see you again!