Remember these important tasks - and look for holiday decor arriving soon!

Strader's Tips for November

As we rapidly approach what many consider to be the busiest time of year, there’s great comfort in knowing that you’ve taken care of your yard and garden before snow starts falling, ice begins to form and the ground freezes solid. All of us at Strader’s offer these tips as ways to preserve what you’ve got while preparing for next year.

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November is a busy time in the yard and garden

Got Bulbs?

If you have spring-flowering bulbs you haven’t planted yet, now’s the time to get those in the ground! Bulbs must be planted before the soil freezes, and that may be happening earlier this year. 

Speaking of the ground freezing – if you’re planning on a living Christmas tree, get that hole dug now while you still can. Keep a couple bags of topsoil or compost in the garage to plant with so it’s not frozen as well.

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Shine the Shed

We recommend cleaning and lubricating your garden tools, tightening up shears and clippers and taking inventory to make sure there aren’t any tools left out in the yard somewhere. Wait to winterize your power equipment until after your last mowing – usually mid-November – but it’s wise to pick up engine oil, filters and fuel stabilizer at the mower shop at Strader’s on Riverside Drive so you don’t forget later.

Good candidates for winterizing are a power generator with fuel in the tank, your power weed wacker, chain saw, gas-powered blower and of course your riding mower or lawn mower. Spring is a super busy time at our Riverside service center as people rush to have their equipment serviced, new blades put on and repairs done. The best time to have it all done is November as you’re cleaning up your shed!

Don't Let the Leaves Lie

Keep leaves off your lawn to prevent mold from forming. It’s OK to use leaf compost in flower beds as long as the leaves are not from diseased plants. Check your favorite weather app for windy days so you don’t spend an afternoon raking just to have a storm blow a new pile into your yard the next day!

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Keep Your Hoses Happy

A good hose isn’t cheap! If there’s water left in your hose over the winter, the water can freeze and create splits. Unless you have newly planted plants, use this clean-up time to drain your hose and roll it up for storage. Remember too, hoses are really hard to roll when they’re cold, so take care of that asap.

Care For Your Chemicals

Seal all bags and containers of fertilizer, insecticide, pesticide, repellant and so on. Liquids should be stored where it will not get below 40 degrees, and granular treatments should not get wet or be exposed to moisture or they will harden into a clump and become unusable.

Holiday Decorations are Coming!

Greet November with a smile, all prepped and ready for winter with these pro-tips from Strader’s. And be sure to come see us for your holiday decorations! They will be arriving this month – fresh greens, wreaths, cut trees and more. We grow our own poinsettias in all colors and sizes for your holiday decorating pleasure.

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We hope to see you soon!