Holiday decorating is in full swing at Strader's - come in and see!

Fresh Greens, Holiday Plants and Blooming Bulbs

As you unpack your holiday decorations this year, keep Strader’s in mind for fresh, beautiful decor and greenery for your front porch and throughout your home. From indoor bulbs to fresh pine wreaths and locally sourced decorative accents, we’re your source for holiday ideas and solutions.

Fresh Green Wreaths | Strader's Garden Center
Fresh pine wreaths and decorative accents are available now - and we can make you a custom wreath at your request.

Beautiful Blooming Bulbs

Blooming bulbs are a wonderful reward during the holidays because they bring so much color and joy when daylight is short – and they’re so easy to grow!

Amaryllis is an easy bulb to grow in bright, indirect light. The bold colors are a very welcome reprieve from the grey Midwestern winter sky. Its trumpet-like blooms and delicate fragrance are a big reward for so little effort.

Paperwhite Bulbs | Strader's Garden Center

Paperwhite bulbs are excellent grown indoors, but take different care if they’re planted in soil instead of surrounded in stones. Talk to your Strader’s expert for tips on pots, spacing of bulbs, stone planting vs soil and how to space the bulbs. You’ll be rewarded with stunning white blooms for a sweet-smelling holiday centerpiece.

Live Plants and Fresh-cut Greens

There are so many creative ways to use roping in and around your home. Mixed with holly branches, ornaments and poinsettia leaves, roping looks beautiful along your railing, framing your front door or hanging from a balcony.

Christmas Porch Décor | Strader's Garden Center

Our wreaths at Strader’s are generally noble fir and mixed noble fir. We have cedar garland, cedar mixed garland and white pine roping, plus fresh bunches of pine, cedar, fir, spruce and more. We also have Christmas Plants in stock – Christmas cactus, cyclamen, poinsettias, lavender trees, rosemary trees, frosty ferns and lemon cypress. And for outdoors we have hellebores, winterberry and holly  – both live and decorative.

When decorating with fresh-cut greens like wreaths and white pine roping, remember to keep them watered or use Wilt Pruf (available at Strader’s). This will help prevent needle loss and keep colors bright. If you’re using fresh-cut greens inside your home, it’s a good idea to mist them daily to keep them hydrated. At night, put them in your garage where it’s colder than the house to help keep them fresh.

Pointers on Poinsettias

Most poinsettias purchased at Strader’s are the red variety, but there are other colors! There are so many ways to decorate with the vibrant red of a traditional poinsettia. Mix the red leaves in with your fresh-cut wreath for some visual anchor points and a stunning contrast of color. Or move one of your houseplants to another part of the house and put a poinsettia in its place. Interspersed throughout the home, they add undeniable holiday spirit to the home.

Be sure to keep your poinsettia away from cold windows and drafts and give them a bright, sunny spot to sit. They don’t take much watering, and will actually get root rot if over-watered. A light sprinkling every other day is usually enough to keep them happy.

Poinsettias | Strader's Garden Center

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Bring the fresh smells and bright colors of live holiday decorations into your home with beautiful holiday selections from Strader’s!

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