Strader’s Digital Gift Cards are Here

Now you can give the awesome gift of a Strader’s shopping spree in a digital gift card!

You can still buy physical gift cards at any one of our Strader’s Garden Center locations, but starting October 1, 2020, digital gift cards are available for purchase at

After purchase, you can forward the email to a friend or loved one for use immediately! All they’ll need to use the digital card in the store is their smart phone, or a printed copy of the email.

The digital gift card is like cash in the store you can use to buy locally-grown and sourced plants, trees and shrubs, gardening supplies, indoor plants and everything for your lawn. Here are some perfect occasions to give a Strader’s gift card as a gift:


The new couple likely needs some plants for their nest, or maybe they want to plant a tree to mark the occasion. They might be moving into a new home and need lawn care supplies and expertise.


A Strader’s gift card as a birthday present says “You are a creative, nurturing nature lover with impeccable taste. Here’s a way to keep on being you!”


The best thing about a Strader’s digital gift card is it can be used all year ‘round, for every season! A Strader’s gift card can be used right after Christmas for sales on Christmas decorations, indoor plants, supplies for the spring planting, tools for dealing with snow… so many options!


Talk about perfect gifts! You don’t want to just assume a new homeowner wants a ficus tree or a garden gnome. A Strader’s gift card lets them decide for themselves what to buy for the new home.


A plant that commemorates a special event like a graduation is a living reminder of an accomplishment that contributes to a growing, improving person. Nurturing a plant is a reminder to also nurture ourselves.

Purchase a Gift Card

To get your digital gift card, go to the GIFT CARDS menu at and select your gift card amount. As always, thank you for choosing Strader’s Garden Centers!