Hardy Hibiscus is in full bloom right now, and Strader’s has a great selection for you!

Plant Brilliant Hibiscus in Fall

It’s not too late to enjoy some amazing hardy hibiscus flowers in your garden, but hurry because they’re active now. Starting in mid July, the many varieties of this bold, colorful relative of the tropical hibiscus have blooms that last deep into the fall giving you months of big, bold color.

Hibiscus Flowers | Strader's Garden Center
Midnight Marvel Red Hibiscus with Cherry Red Knockout Roses

The flowers can get quite large and tropical-looking with dinnerplate-sized blooms. They’re deer resistant with a very long bloom cycle from July into fall. As the first freeze settles on Central Ohio, you’ll need to prune back the growth down to the ground so they’ll grow again next summer. Leave a little bit of stem as these are VERY late to leaf out in the spring (often in May) and you may forget they are there.

Adding Hardy Hibiscus to Your Garden

When selecting your hardy hibiscus, keep in mind that they will grow shrub-sized, so plant them somewhere with room to grow, like along a fence or in a border area.

The hardy hibiscus (also known as Rose Mallow) is a great plant for beginners, and there are many variations to choose from. Here are a few examples:

Midnight Marvel

Ohio State Buckeye fans will love this incredible scarlet flower! The leaves are not grey, unfortunately, but they are a striking deep purple that makes the blossoms stand out even more. This bush can grow up to four feet tall and five feet wide, making a real presence where it’s planted.

Rose Mallow Midnight Marvel | Strader's Garden Center
Strader's Hibiscus Flower in Rich Purple

Hibiscus “Berry Awesome”

This Proven Winners® brand hibiscus has lavender pink flowers with a red eye and very dark leaves. One great thing about the Berry Awesome is that it grows flowers all over the bush instead of at the top. They emerge later in the spring than most perennials, but they grow really fast once they do, and their fall color is amazing.

Summerific® Perfect Storm

The white-pink flowers bloom all around the bush instead of on top, and a plant can grow three feet tall and five feet wide. Red eyes in the middle fan our like butterfly wings with a striking layering effect like fan blades. With the same deep purple leaves of other hibiscus hybrids, these bright flowers really stand out against a darker bush.

Summerific Perfect Storm Hibiscus | Strader's Garden Center

Strader's Has Hardy Hibiscus For Your Garden

Come see us soon if you want to get started with these amazing plants. There’s still some blooms to enjoy this year, and next year you’ll have an explosion of color!

We hope to see you soon!