Start your summer lawn care right with treatment systems that keep your lawn well-fed all summer long.

Spring Lawn Care with Strader’s Garden Center

March is an important time for your lawn. You’ll have more time outside soon because daylight savings time begins March 14th and the first day of Spring is March 20. And as you know, the yard starts growing seemingly overnight!

Once things start blooming and greening back up, it’s not long before 9pm sunsets, butterflies, bare feet on fresh cut grass, ripe tomatoes, spring flowers and the beginning of the growing season – we can’t wait! After this long winter WE ARE READY FOR SPRING… and SUMMER.

Summer Lawn Care | Strader's Garden Center

Let's talk lawns

I know, they aren’t green yet but they will be waking up this month and you want to be ready. It is so easy to keep your lawn looking its best in only 4 easy steps. You can easily and affordably do it yourself!

Turf grass is actually a pretty hungry plant, hence the need for regular fertilization to keep it healthy and happy. A 4-step lawn program is designed to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs on a regular basis.

Step 1: Early Spring

This step is super important and should get applied the end of March or first of April. This is your lawn’s first meal and an optimal time for maximum greening up. Step 1 usually contains crabgrass preventer which prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating. If you plan to plant grass seed in spots or over-seed the lawn, you do not want to use step 1 because the part of it that prevents crabgrass from germinating will also prevent your new grass seeds from germinating.

Scotts offers a 5,000 and 15,000 sq ft 1-step program treatment if you are putting down grass seed that prevents crabgrass and has a starter fertilizer for new grass seeds.

With any of these steps, if you have questions, please ask! Come in and talk to one of our lawn experts and we will answer all your questions.

Summer Lawn Care | Strader's Garden Center
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Step 2: Memorial Day

This step is usually applied around Memorial Day. This is the weed and feed step. It kills existing weeds and feeds the lawn. This step needs to go onto damp foliage (leaves of the weeds) to stick to the weeds and kill them properly. This is best done when there is no rain expected for 24 hours (admittedly a rare thing in Ohio) for the weed control to do its job. A good soaking a couple days later will push the fertilizer down to the roots and activate the greening of the grass.

Step 3: Mid-Summer

is the summer boost, usually containing iron to provide some greening power during the drier times. Don’t forget to water it in well, like right before a long weekly watering.

Summer | Strader's Garden Center
Late Summer Lawn | Strader's Garden Center

Step 4

is applied usually around Labor Day, strengthening the lawn and keeping it green as we head into fall. If you want to seed some bare spots or overseed, this is a great time to do so!

We also have the Greenview 2 step program for 5,000 sq ft (this is the equivalent of 4 steps in only 2 applications for under $60).

Going organic this year? Save $20-$75 with a text or mail-in rebate on the Espoma 4 step lawn care.

Our Fertilome value priced program is only $45 for a 5,000 sq ft 4 step program.

Greenview 2-Step
Espoma 4 Step Organic | Strader's Garden Center
Fertilome 4 Step Lawn Care | Strader's Garden Center

Overwhelmed by your lawn care options?

All four steps are available for sale individually at great prices. Buying all 4 steps at once saves the most money and ensures you have all you need for the season!

Don’t forget to add grub control. This can be applied anytime between mid April and August 1st. It would be a shame to see your beautiful lawn damaged by those nasty grubs. See our lawn care experts for the advice and answers you need.

Rely on Strader’s for a green, healthy lawn this summer – but remember to start now before spring gets the jump on you!

We hope to see you soon!