Our nurseries provide Central Ohio with an excellent selection of strong, healthy perennials to beautify your environment

Come to Strader's for the best nursery-grown flowers, bushes and grasses.

Perennials are plants that live through the winter, often for 3 years or more. When you plant something that’s going to be there a while, it’s best to make sure you chose the right plant, placed it where it can thrive and that it’s something you want in your yard or garden. That’s why – expert or novice – Strader’s is the place to go for the best perennial plants and expert advice from the same people who grew the plant you’re taking home.

A selection of our perennial plants:

Potted Plants


There are six peony flower types, all popular for their stunning color, amazing scents (in some varieties) and longevity. Some peonies have been known to live for decades! They do very well in our Central Ohio climate, though they need a few years to become established. Plan ahead if you’re considering peonies because there are some considerations, like when to plant and where to place them.

Potted Plants

Ornamental Grasses

A great accent for your yard, ornamental grasses are low-maintenance and offer beautiful texture and variety. They typically follow the four seasons with their own changes, including changes in color in the fall. They can be planted in your garden or yard, but also in containers if needed. And as always, we’re more than happy to help you select a species based on placement, your visual preference and maintenance requirements.

Potted Plants


Planning and building for a specific variety of vine is an extremely rewarding endeavor. We grow vines you can plant next to an arbor or pergola for beautiful, fragrant summer shade, vines for ground cover or even to frame parts of your house… with something for them to hold onto, that is. For example, a bougainvillea vine framing a doorway not only shades the door, it provides a majestic burst of color that accentuates the doorway like nothing else can.

And many more! Stop by your local Strader’s location to see our full selection.