Indoor Plants

Medium Light Plants

Strader’s grows plants for use in medium light rooms – a common setting in many homes.

Come to Strader's for the best selection of house plants for rooms with medium, indirectly-lit bright rooms.

Medium light plants should stay out of direct sunlight, but still need a brightly-lit room to grow. Front rooms with more than one window are ideal, reception areas in offices and spaces near large patio sliding-glass doors are good options for these types of plants. 

Here are some of our most popular Medium Light Plants:


Orchids are so popular because they’re a perfectly elegant flower! Plant roots do best with loose medium soil – bark chips or another very loosely packed material. Orchids love humidity and only a little water, watered thoroughly about once a week, then drained well.



This is a fun, unique plant that loves humidity! Some can grow as “air plants,” meaning the get the majority of their nutrition from the air around them. The need a well-drained planting medium if potted – check specific requirements and talk to your Strader’s expert for each vareity.


You’ll probably recognize Dracaena plants – they’re a classic houseplant choice. This plant needs good drainage and soil that can be kept moist. They’re an easy plant to grow, which is always rewarding.



An indoor palm tree needs water on a regular basis and soil kept evenly moist. Palms require warm temperatures indoors, doing well in screened-in porches and sun rooms, and do better avoiding cold drafts in winter.


Bonsai plants come in different sizes and shapes, and make fun conversation pieces. There are several types of Bonsai, often having specific requirements for each, so check their tags and ask your Strader’s specialist for care instructions.



Sometimes known as “devil’s ivy,” Pothos is one of the easiest house plants to grown and keep alive. They’re an excellent choice for offices with fluorescent lighting, medium bright to low sunlight areas of the house and small apartments or bedrooms. When cared for, they are vigorous growers, extending vines that start light green, then turn darker as they mature.

As an added bonus of this excellent house plant, they are able to help purify the indoor air of formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other chemicals. 

Place your Pothos on a wide, flat surface and watch it spread out,  on a ledge for it to vine downwards or in a hanging pot where it can really spread out. If it gets too big, its stem cuttings will grow roots in water or potting soil, propagating into a whole new plant.


Indoor ferns love medium light, but can also grow in low light, mimicking their origination on the forest floor underneath the canopy of larger trees. Some species are more difficult to grow than others, with sensitivity to direct sunlight, dry air and over-fertilization.

We have several varieties of ferns, including Bird’s Nest Fern, Crocodile Fern, Elkhorn, Squirrel’s Foot and Australian Tree Fern.



A relatively easy plant to maintain, Peperomia don’t require a lot of water – just lots of indirect sunlight. This is a succulent-like plant with fleshy leaves and stems. They prefer higher humidity but can do well in average household air and temperatures. 

Common types of Peperomia we typically have in-store are Pepper Face and Baby Rubber Plant, Watermelon Peperomia, Metallic Peperomia and Pink Lady.

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