Greenhouse Plants

Hanging Plants

Whether growing long from their basket, or hanging full and happy from the ceiling, hanging plants add visual interest and comfort to a room.

Strader's combines interesting species with beautiful baskets and pots for your home or office.

At Strader’s, we’re much more than a nursery or garden center. Our experts are also great at designing hanging plant packages you can take home and hang with pride. The examples below can jump-start ideas for your indoor plant decor, but there’s nothing like walking the aisles of plants at one of our garden centers, feeling their vibrant energy and falling in love with which ever one catches your eye.

Here are some of our most popular Hanging Plants



Typically easy to grow, ivy make great hanging plants. Their requirements differ with each variety, but they are typically very willing to grow even if you forget to water them often. It’s rewarding to watch their vines stretch down gracefully with new leaves sprouting as it grows.


Ferns come mostly from the forest floor where they receive indirect, medium to bright light through tall trees. In your home or office, they’re best with the same degree of light and a good amount of humidity. Keep them evenly watered and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful hanging plant.

Wandering Jew Plant

Wandering Jew

Beautiful purple and green foliage make the Wandering Jew a favorite hanging plant. They like bright indirect light with soil kept evenly moist. They should not be watered on the crown of the plant, as this can cause rot. And once your Wandering Jew begins to grow bigger, you can stem cuttings and start a new plant!


There are lots of fun varieties of succulents to choose from! They love bright, indirect light for about half the day – direct sun too long burns their leaves. A healthy succulent needs soil that drains quickly. When watering, soak the plant thoroughly and let it dry completely.


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