Waxed amaryllis is a beautiful, unique, and easy-care holiday plant, and you can enjoy it for weeks after the holiday season. The more you know about waxed amaryllis, the better you will be able to care for the plant and keep it looking glorious.

What Is Waxed Amaryllis?

Waxed amaryllis is no different botanically than the traditional potted amaryllis bulb. However, how the bulb is treated and packaged for sale is dramatically different. Instead of being ready for planting, a waxed amaryllis bulb is first trimmed to remove its roots, then dipped in thick wax to seal the bulb. This encases the bulb’s nutrients and moisture, directing it toward foliage and flower development rather than roots. The wax then has a small metal stand inserted to keep the plant upright as it grows.

Because of the wax treatment, waxed amaryllis bulbs are single-bloom plants and will not typically regrow even if the wax is removed after blooming and the bulb is planted. Each bulb will produce 2-3 stems, however, each featuring several bold blooms. They may be a bit shorter and stockier than potted amaryllis because there are no roots to draw supplemental nutrients and moisture into the bulb as the plant grows, but waxed amaryllis will bloom within 3-5 weeks of its first growth appearing, and the blooms will last for 3-4 weeks.

Caring for Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs

Waxed amaryllis is the ultimate easy-care plant. Because the bulb is sealed with all its required moisture and nutrition, these plants do not need to be planted or even watered in order to bloom. They should be positioned on a flat surface in bright but not direct sunlight and kept at typical room temperatures. Once the plant starts to grow, rotating it every 2-3 days will help it grow straight and keep the stalks from bending, but no other staking is necessary.

Decorating With Waxed Amaryllis

There are many beautiful ways to add waxed amaryllis to your home. These bulbs are available in a variety of wax colors, from festive holiday jewel tones and metallics to accented bulbs that may feature fun faces, multiple colors, or faux snow or glitter for extra sparkle. Setting a single waxed amaryllis out can create an instant focal point for holiday décor, or you can create even more amazing arrangements.

  • Fill a rustic box with evergreen boughs and nestle several waxed amaryllis bulbs into the trough for a longer centerpiece for a dining table or fireplace mantle.
  • Set a single bulb in a clear vase for an elegant touch, and consider adding pebbles, moss, faux ice, or garland in the bottom of the base for extra distinction.
  • Use a miniature LED light strand to light the inside of a clear pillar vase around a waxed amaryllis bulb for a twinkling decoration ideal for any spot.
  • Use a felt-tip marker to write names or festive greetings on each bulb and use them as place cards for a holiday meal.
  • Display several waxed amaryllis bulbs on an elevated cake stand for instant elegance. If desired, wrap garland around the bulbs’ base for more glitter.
  • Set a single bulb on a rustic wood slice coaster with a sprig of holly or evergreen as an accent, creating a simple but lovely decoration.
  • Use paint or markers to decorate the waxed bulb as a snowman face or with other seasonal accents such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, or contrasting polka dots.

Note: Amaryllis bulbs are toxic to pets, and so, should be kept out of reach at all times. Avoid putting waxed amaryllis on warm surfaces or near heat sources such as a fireplace or heating vent, as the wax coating could soften and deform if it is heated too much.

Waxed amaryllis can be a lovely holiday accent as well as a versatile seasonal decoration. Whether you want to use these festive bulbs around your own home or plan to give them as gifts, you can’t go wrong with these easy-care, elegant winter flowers.