Deer may be beautiful and elegant, but they aren’t always welcome in the garden. Even just a few visiting deer can tear up a landscape, eat an entire crop, destroy a carefully cultivated bed, and cause other havoc, such as creating a traffic hazard, damaging bird feeders, or leaving behind unwanted “gifts” on sidewalks and pathways. But how can you keep deer out of your yard and away from your garden and landscape?

Popular Deer Deterrent Techniques

People try all sorts of methods to keep deer from destroying their landscapes and gardens. Some of the more common successful tactics include:

  • Liquid Fence or Repels All
  • Hot Pepper Wax Spray
  • Coyote Urine liquid or granules
  • Milorganite
  • Motion-activated sprinklers (not a great idea in the winter)

Deer are creatures of habit, and they are easily scared. Anything you can do to mix up their habits or make them think there is danger nearby might be enough to make them go elsewhere in search of food. But deer aren’t foolish, and if they realize the danger isn’t real, they will return. For best results, rotate any scare tactics you try and reapply repellents frequently.

Plants Deer Won’t Like

While deer in large herds with insufficient food will eat almost any garden vegetation, particularly in harsh winters, you can opt for plants that aren’t popular with deer to minimize deer damage. At the same time, avoid planting your favorite deer plants!

So what can you plant in your landscape to discourage deer? There are many attractive plants that deer prefer less, including:

  • Shrubs

    such as Abelia, Barberry, Boxwood, Diervilla Forsythia, Winterberry Holly, Rose of Sharon, Alberta Spruce, and MANY MORE!

  • Perennials

    such as Agastache, Bleeding Heart, Hellebore, Iris, Lavender, Lambs Ear, Peony, Caryopteris, and MANY MORE!

These are just a few of the MANY DEER-RESISTANT plants that are available!

Try using these less deer-friendly plants to create a border around your yard and garden area, and deer will be less inclined to work their way toward the tastier plants. When combined with other deterrent techniques, it is possible to have a stunning landscape without deer damage!